We're in the studio (finally) recording a new FULL LENGTH!

NWN is finally in the studio! We are so sorry it took this long to start the process. Since our campaign to raise funds was unsuccessful, that pushed the timeline back....a lot. haha. In the meantime we have been rehearsing and crafting songs with an amazing producer, Michael King, and can wait to share the new material with you. We are several sessions in and so far it’s going great.

Thank you for your patience and financial support with this campaign. Every dollar helps. I promise we will get you the merch and goodies as promised as the release gets closer. We don't have an official release date yet, but we'll keep you in the loop. Check out our social media pages for studio updates, pics & videos!


The NWN Crew!

Names Without Numbers Signs With Indie Vision Music

We have joined the Indie Vision Music family in support of our up-coming releases! They've been around just about as long as we have, with a similar hiatus over the several years.  So, when we started talking to our old friends at IVM, it just made sense to reunite for the release of our latest music.  Check out all the great bands they are working with at https://www.indievisionmusic.com/

"Goodnight" Release Date Set For May 21st

We are excited to announce that our new song, "Goodnight", is set to drop on May 21st.  We've been teasing it in some of our social media posts over the past few weeks to give you a little taste.  We've been writing a bunch of new songs lately, and feel like this one has a great balance of where we've been and where we're going, stylistically.  

The song was recorded with the help of our friend and producer, Mike King, and mixed by the Grammy-winning (dare I say legendary) J.R. McNeely.  We're extremely happy with how the recording came out and are eager to share it with everyone in May.

The song will drop as part of our Indiegogo campaign to help us raise money to produce and record an album that we'll most likely release later this year.